An affordable option for independent travellers


Dar Mystere is a traditional Moroccan courtyard house, or dar, available for up to 6 people to rent exclusively sharing in 3 bedrooms.


From as little as €40 for two sharing per night (plus an additional €20 per extra person), guests have exclusive use of the house.


It is perfectly located for the first time visitor to the ancient medina of the former capital city of Morocco.


Dar Mystere is an affordable option for independent travellers who prefer privacy and value their own space. Single occupants, couples or small parties can experience the harmony, simplicity and beauty of Moroccan life 'behind closed doors' in the mysterious ancient medina of Fez.


We are now accepting booking for the Fez Festival of Sacred Music 2018 which runs from 22 - 30 June this year. There is more information on the festival here.


You can contact us for a personal quote or make a booking through our TripAdvisor page.

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The Fes Festival of World Sacred Music is on from the 22nd to 30th of June and The View From Fez needs a photojournalist to join our team in Morocco! If you have the necessary skills to work fast and efficiently, love music and can speak English, French or Arabic, then this is a chance to be part of a fabulous festival. This is an unpaid gig, but a wonderful chance to visit Fez with accommodation and meals provided as well as a media pass to all concerts and possibly assistance with an airfare from Europe. You will need your own camera and computer as well as a heap of energy. Our small team covers all the major concerts and publishes a review on the same day. If you are interested please email us at with "photojournalist" in the subject line. SHARE THIS!
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According to the US site Bloomberg, Airbnb and will be taxed in Morocco from 2019. It is seen as a victory for Moroccan hoteliers and travel agencies, and will result in a possible price increase for users of both booking platforms The new tax, effective in 2019, is expected to delight professionals in the Moroccan tourism sector who have been denouncing the lack of tax fairness for several months. According to Medhi Taleb, central director in charge of regulation, quality and development at the Ministry of Tourism, quoted in the article of our colleagues, "undercover inspectors will work in collaboration with officials of the Ministry of Tourism as well as responsible for the tax authorities to ensure the application of this measure". According to the same source, the authorities will also help Moroccan online travel platforms to offer attractive offers to strengthen their presence on international sites such as Booking. A tax that has proven itself in Europe With the implementation of this new measure, Morocco will join the list of countries that apply taxes to such platforms. A list that already includes France, Spain, Germany or the United States. In large cities in France for example, where the number of nights is limited to 120, professionals who provide a booking service or rental of accommodation online are subject to the tourist tax. For the year 2017, Airbnb will for example pay €13.5 million to local authorities in France. On December 8, the French National Assembly decided that from January 1, 2019, municipalities may increase the tourist tax on this type of accommodation. Such a tax should, eventually, bring money back to the Moroccan state, as 60% of the 10 million tourists who arrive in Morocco plan their trips on the Internet. But, as in France, the collection of this tax will inevitably have repercussions on the users. The site of Airbnb states: " In the cities or regions where Airbnb has agreements with local authorities, Airbnb calculates the applicable local taxes and removes them from travellers at the time of Airbnb then pays the collected taxes to the relevant tax authorities on behalf of the hosts ". The tax is welcomed by hoteliers and travel agencies in Morocco who have denounced the present situation as unfair competition. For Samir Kheldouni, CEO of Chorus Consulting, specialising in supporting tourism investors, this tax is a victory. " Airbnb is an indispensable tourist actor in Morocco, but it is perfectly normal that it be taxed in the same way as the conventional hotel business.This situation of unfair competition was no longer acceptable, " he says. SHARE THIS!
The 14th Fez International Festival of Amazigh culture on the 11th, 12th and 13th of May. It is a rare chance to learn more about Amazigh (Berber) culture The festival features an international forum as well as concerts at Bab Makina Concerts: BAB MAKINA 21:30 - 00:00 FRIDAY 11th MAY 2018 - AHIDOUS OULMES (Morocco) -AICHA MAYA (Morocco) -ORCHESTRA FAISAL (Morocco) SATURDAY 12th MAY 2018 - CARISHTO GROUP (Italy) - SAMI RAY (Morocco) - FATIMA TACHTOUKT (Morocco) SUNDAY 13th MAY 2018 - MAREA FLAMENCA GROUP (Catalogna, Spain) - HOUSSA 46 (Morocco) - DOUNIA BATMA (Morocco) INTERNATIONAL FORUM Forum Venue: Mérinides hotel       11-13 MAY 2018 Amazigh Culture and the Future of Democracy in North Africa Program of the Forum Friday 11 May 16:30 Arrival of participants 17:00: Opening of the Forum and the Festival -Speech by the President of the Fes-Saiss Association -Speech by the President of South North Center and the President of the Festival -Speech by the honorary President of the Festival -Speech by the President of the BMCE Foundation -Speech by the President of the Fez-Meknes Region -Speech by the Wali of Fez-Meknes -Other Speeches 17:30 Tribute to the distinguished Moroccan writer Tahar Ben Jelloun Testimonies: Mohammed Kabbaj, Nouzha Skalli, Abderrahman Tenkoul 18 :15 Inaugural speech: Amazigh Culture and democracy Hassan Aourid Moderator: Moha Ennaji 18 :30 Reception and Exhibitions Tour Saturday 12 May Morning 9 :00 – 12 :00 Room 2 Parallel Session: Workshop on Tifinagh Alphabet By Amina Majdoub (General Inspector of the Amazigh language) 9 :00 - 10 :30 Room 1 First Session: The Amazigh Cultural Movement: review and prospects Moderator: Fatima Sadiqi (INLAC, Morocco) Speakers : Mohamed Arji (University of Fez), Abdallah Boumalek (IRCAM), Abdelouahad Mabrour (University of El Jadida), Ali Fertahi (University of Beni Mellal), Mohamed Chtatou (International University of Rabat), Driss Bouyahya (University of Meknes) 10 :30– 11 :00 Coffee break 11:00– 1 3:30 Room 2 Parallel Session: Workshop "Life and death of a book, from writing to oblivion" Hosted by Jean-Marie Simon (French writer) Room 1 11 :00 – 12 :30 Second Session : Amazighity, citizenship and democratic culture Moderator: Omar Marrakechi (Fes Sais Assocation) Speakers : Tarik Mira (Algeria), Moha Ennaji (INLAC, Fez), Driss Maghraoui (Al-Akhawayn University), Maria-Angels Roque (IE Med, Spain), George Joffé (Cambridge University, U.K), Filippo Bignami (University of Southern Switzerland- SUPSI) 12:30 – 13 :30 -Presentation of the general dictionary of the Amazigh language by Meftaha Ameur (IRCAM) -Presentation of the novel "Funny Spring" by its author Youssouf Amine Elalamy Moderator: Juliane Tauchnitz (University of Leipzig) Saturday 12 May Afternoon 15 :00 – 16 :30 Room 1 Third Session : Amazigh Culture, democracy and Literature Moderator: Johan Goud (University of Utrecht) Speakers : Jilali Saib (Morocco), Alberto Tonini (University of Florence), Abdelkader Benali (Amsterdam), Bouthaina Ben Kridis (University of Carthage), Juliane Tauchnitz (University of Leipzig), Hamid Bahri (City University of New York) 16:30 – 17 :00 Coffee break Room 1 17:00 – 18 :00 Poetry reading: Saida Khiari, Bassou Oujebbour, Hammou Khalla, Mohamed Akouray Moderator: Mohammed Moubtassime (University of Fez) Room 2 17:00 – 18 :30 Parallel Session: Painting Workshop Supervised by Khadija Madani Alaoui (University of Fez) and Tarek Sadki (University of Fez) Sunday 13 May Morning 9 :00 – 10 :30 Room 2 Parallel Session: Clown theatre for children (8 years plus) By Annick Renault (France) 9 :00 – 10 :30 Room 1 Fourth Session : Amazigh Culture and Women’s Movement Moderator: Fouad Saa (University of Fes) Speakers : Loubna Amhair (Morocco), Aziza Ouguir (Morocco), Enza Palamara (François Rabelais University, Tours), Jean-Marie Simon (France), Fatima Sadiqi (INLAC, Morocco), Mohamed Taifi (United States) 10 :30 – 11:00 Coffee break 11 :00 – 12 :30 Room 1 Fifth Session : Amazigh Culture, Multiculturalism and Democracy after the "Arab Spring" Moderator: Mohamed Bokbot (Dean of the Faculty of Letters, University of Fez) Speakers : Diederik Vandewalle (Dartmouth College), Johan Goud (University of Utrecht), Noha Bakr (Egypt), Madina Touré (University of Nouakchott), Rachid Raha (The Amazigh World), Mino Vianello (University of Rome) 12:30 – 13 :00 -Photos Exhibitions "Ait Séghrouchen, Hommes Libres" by Michel Rissoan (France) : Commented by Jean-Marie Simon Moderator: Mohand Rguig (Faculty of Letters, University of Fez) 13 :00 Recommendations and closing Sunday 13 may Afternoon 17 :00 – 19 :00 Guided Tour of the Medina (optional) Commentators: Souad Slaoui—El Hassan Hjiej-- Driss Rhomari--Rachid Elouardy--Kebir Sandi--Mohyiddine Benlakhdar--Khadija Hassala-- Mohammed Yachoulti--Fouad Saa--Fatima Hnini--Said Gafaiti--Mohand Rguig--Abdelmounaim Azzouzi--Abdeslam Jamai --Mustapha Aouine-- Kamal Elaissaoui-- Mounia Slighwa -- Karima Nour El Aissaoui—Assia Bouayad --Ahmed Falah Photos Exhibitions by Michel Rissoan (France) OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE FESTIVAL Paints Exhibitions by Khadija Madani Alaoui and Tarik Sadki SHARE THIS!

Reviews from our guests

Reviewed March 2018 for a stay in March 2018

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Reviewed November 2017 for a stay in October 2017

"The terrace, calm and sunny is conducive to relaxation!".  Read more 

Reviewed April 2017 for a stay in April 2017

"Ideal location between the main streets of the medina".  Read more

Reviewed November 2016 for a stay in October 2016

"Lovely Dar, fantastic location".  Read more 

Reviewed April 2016 for a stay in April 2016

"Clean, a good location and very spacious".  Read more

Reviewed April 2015 for a stay in March 2015

5 of 5 stars

"Great base in a great city".  Read more

Reviewed February 2015 for a stay in February 2015

"Riad ideally located for a total immersion in the heart of the medina in Fes".  Read more

Reviewed December 2014 for a stay in October 2014

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"Beautiful, characterful spacious house in an amazing location at a great price".  Read more

Reviewed August 2014 for a stay in August 2014

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"Idependent living at it's best!".  Read more

Reviewed May 2014 for a stay in February 2014

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"Absolument magnifique".  Read more

Reviewed April 2014 for a stay in January 2014

5 of 5 stars

"Made trip to Fez perfect".  Read more

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