An affordable option for independent travellers


Dar Mystere is a traditional Moroccan courtyard house, or dar, available for up to 6 people to rent exclusively sharing in 3 bedrooms.


From as little as €40 for two sharing per night (plus an additional €20 per extra person), guests have exclusive use of the house.


It is perfectly located for the first time visitor to the ancient medina of the former capital city of Morocco.


Dar Mystere is an affordable option for independent travellers who prefer privacy and value their own space. Single occupants, couples or small parties can experience the harmony, simplicity and beauty of Moroccan life 'behind closed doors' in the mysterious ancient medina of Fez.


We are now accepting booking for the Fez Festival of Sacred Music 2019 which runs from 14 - 22 June this year. There is more information on the festival here.


You can contact us for a personal quote or make a booking through our TripAdvisor page.

The View From Fez
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“Creative Economy” at “the Fez Gathering”, the 5th Annual International Artists Gathering of Fez, 9-12 January 2020 The fifth Annual International Artists Gathering of Fez, Morocco is celebrating the theme “Creative Economy.” The Fez Gathering is a dynamic, Fez-based event consisting of exhibitions, panels, demonstrations, and workshops, which brings together artists from Morocco and the international community. It supports the artistic community of Fez by providing a space to exhibit their work to international artists, academics and guests. During its fifth edition in January 2020, the Fez Gathering will focus on the powerful role of arts and culture in the creative economy, as well as analyze and reflect upon how the arts contribute to sustainable human development, particularly within an ancient city with a modern role. Presentations and panels will explore how creative industries are a vehicle for economic development in Morocco and Africa. The Fez Gathering will explore the role of art in society, and how it can be used as a tool to impact social economics. It will offer a global platform for participants to discuss and explore the role of art in the modern world. Artists joining us this year include Gathering regular Hamza El Fasiki, an artisan and entrepreneur from Fez; Makhanatet Koné, a fashion designer from the Ivory Coast; Lamiae Skalli, a silversmith and entrepreneur from Fez; and Niccy Pallant, an artist from Australia. Ali Gharib, curator from Germany, Ewa Potocka, a visual artist from Poland. Omar Chennafi, a Moroccan artist and photographer who is a native of Fez, established the Fez Gathering in 2015. The goal of each Gathering is to encourage dialogue and engagement with the arts. In the spirit of the festival, admission is free and open to the public. After the event, participants are invited to get involved and share their feedback. The four-day festival will be documented and shared on social media. Coverage will include interviews with artists and participants. The International Artists Gathering of Fez is supported by The American Language Center of Fez, The Goethe Institute in Rabat, Cafe Clock, The Fez Medina Project, Palais Amani and The View From Fez. For more information, a full schedule of the Fez International Gathering of Artists, or for press inquiries, contact the Fez Gathering Press/Media Coordinator at Visit online at and on Twitter @FezGathering. SHARE THIS!
The View From Fez
Gnawa Music Concert Thursday, December 12, at 7 PM - ALIF Riad 6 Derb Drissi, Fez, Batha This is a great opportunity to experience this famous Moroccan African folk music with a talented group of local musicians. The concert is free and open to the general public and refreshments will be served! SHARE THIS!
The View From Fez
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The spiritual heart of Morocco, Fez, is inviting locals and tourists to attend the first annual National Festival of Heritage and Aissaoui Art from December 5 to 7. The festival seeks to take attendees of all nationalities and religions on a mystical journey into the world and rhythms of Aissawa, a type of Moroccan spiritual music. The art, commonly rooted in the ancient cities of Morocco, especially in Fez, Meknes, and Sale, is known as Aissaoua, Issawa, or Aissawa. The upcoming festival is set to feature a lineup of Aissawa bands from across Morocco, including the Fassi (meaning from Fez) Issaoui Community.  The grand complex of the Fez Commune in the Ville Nouvelle will serve as a stage for the event. The festival will take place in collaboration with several passionate associations involved in the art of Aissawa, including Fez Association of Issawa, Isawi Association of Folklore, and the Association of Authentic Art of Issawa. Imad Oudghiri, the leader of the Fassi Issaoui  Imad Oudghiri, the leader of the Fassi Issaoui Community, told Morocco World News that with the festival, the three associations seek to revive the pure “Aissawa art, without adding any grainy” material. He said that there are several other festivals that feature the art in Casablanca, Rabat, and Meknes, but they have not succeeded in preserving the authentic Aissawa style. Oudghirir also emphasized the importance of “the participation of the former well-known ‘mqadmins’ [leaders of Aissawi bands] to pay tribute and homage” to the people who contribute to keeping that kind of art alive." Oudghiri added that if this year’s event goes well, the city of Fez will host a second festival a year later. Whatever the level of your dancing skills, Aissawa’s rhythms stir you into movement and can even make the most reluctant dancer bust a move. Aissawa is one of the most eminent Sufi brotherhoods in Morocco. The mystical art emerged during the 16th century with the prominent Sufi master Mohamed El Hadi Ben Aissa, otherwise known as Sheikh al-Kamel, in Meknes. The music relies on spiritual lyrics to glorify God and the perfection of the prophet of Islam, Muhammad. A lack of primary sources makes it difficult to learn more about al-Kamel’s “tariqa,” or the Issawi approach to Islam. However, international media interested in Morocco’s heritage represent al-Kamel as a Sufi master and a “great and wise scholar who influenced entire generations.” Born in 1467, the scholar’s influence travelled beyond Morocco’s border to reach other countries in the Maghreb, as well as Egypt. The scholar reportedly studied at Morocco’s renowned university of Al Qaraouiyine in Fez. In addition to the music and the spiritual atmosphere Issawa creates, the rhythms would be incomplete without the traditional appearances that perfect the experience. Traditionally, members of an Issawi band wear white jellabas, representing purity and spirituality. Some of them, however, wear colorful jellabas with red and white stripes. Instruments are also important to complete the rhythms. Drums and horns are some of the most important instruments used during the religious chants. While Aissawa are common in festivals and ceremonies, many families host an evening or “lila” of Aissawa without a particular event in mind. The host of the event usually makes it public, with neighbors and even strangers invited to take part in the religious feast. The host family traditionally serves mint tea and Moroccan cookies to welcome guests. SHARE THIS!

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