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Dar Mystere is a traditional Moroccan courtyard house, or dar, available for up to 6 people to rent exclusively sharing in 3 bedrooms. It is perfectly located for the first time visitor to the ancient medina of the former capital city of Morocco.


Dar Mystere is an affordable option for independent travellers who prefer privacy and value their own space. Single occupants, couples or small parties can experience the harmony, simplicity and beauty of Moroccan life 'behind closed doors' in the mysterious ancient medina of Fez.


From as little as €80 per party per night, guests have exclusive use of the house.


You can contact us for a personal quote or make a booking through our TripAdvisor page.


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Morocco's tourist market is particularly volatile at the moment, with drops in arrivals from the normal source countries.  French tourist numbers are down, with experts pointing to a number of causes, including the European football competition, social unrest and perceptions about terrorism In a recent survey, the number of French citizens planning to travel during the summer holidays is down from 59% to 55%. Of the French who said they would travel, only 19% intended to travel abroad, with 39% saying they would holiday in France. Those travelling abroad are heading first of all to Spain, Italy and Portugal, in that order, with Morocco in fourth place.  When questioned about their choices only 11% of respondents intended to visit the Magreb.  Morocco was the destination for 7%, with Tunisia on 3% and 1% for Algeria. The UK market is also suffering a downturn. Travel expert Bob Atkinson, of, has no hesitation in explaining the causes. “We have seen terrorism in Tunisia, Paris and Brussels, bomb attacks in Turkey, and the Russian jet downed at Sharm el Sheik. This has affected demand for Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Cyprus and Malta,” he says. Atkinson added: “These countries have all had lower demand than you would expect. Tunisia is 100 per cent down, Morocco 90 per cent down and Turkey 70 per cent down.” French tourist numbers are down Atkinson is not alone in blaming unrest for the downturn.  Opodo, an online travel agency founded in 2001 by a consortium of European airlines, including Air France, Lufthansa, British Airways, KLM, Iberia, Alitalia, Austrian Airlines, Aer Lingus and Finnair, explains that Morocco is suffering following unrest in Tunisia, the refugee crisis in Turkey and its perceived proximity to the problems in Syria. The bookings for Tunisia and Turkey, are down respectively by 68% and 72%, and because Morocco is a Muslim country in North Africa, it suffers by association, with bookings down 66% for the summer of 2016. Another recent market survey revealed the same story. Morocco and Turkey have suddenly dropped in the rankings of the favourite tourist destinations for UK travellers. According to the headline on website of the British newspaper, The Express, "Morocco and Turkey plummet on British holidaymakers' list of must-visit places." The UK survey indicated that Morocco and its key destination for British tourists, Marrakech, was once a firm favourite but it’s dropped down 11 places to the 35th most searched holiday destination in 2016. The Express reported that is was the same for Turkey, which dropped 11 places to rank 29th overall. Morocco is a safe destination! Again this sudden drop in popularity of Morocco Turkey is attributable to negative images of both countries because of their chaotic neighbours. Although perfectly safe, Morocco and Turkey have failed to stand out from their neighbourhoods where rampant terrorism and the refugee crises grab people's attention. The Express points out that the terrorist attacks in Tunisia and Libya and the refugee crisis in the Middle East pushed British tourists towards European destinations such as Spain and Italy. Interestingly, in the UK it is only Londoners who select Marrakech as their favourite destination. But Londoners take shorter stays, on average 3 days and prefer the luxurious palaces of Marrakech to cheaper accommodation. Inhabitants of other regions of the UK, those who go to Spain or Cyprus, spend longer holidays and usually in less classy hotels. Just for the record, inhabitants of other cities such as Edinburgh and Birmingham prefer Barcelona while the citizens of Plymouth and Brighton prefer the Canary islands. SHARE THIS!
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A reminder that from 13 to 16 July the 13th the city of Agadir will host the 13th Timitar Festival with a rich programme of performances by Moroccan and international artists If past festivals are any guide, it is expected that there will be at least forty local and international artists performing for an audience of up to 500,000 in attendance. Daoudia at 2015 festival Not only is the festival one of the biggest in the country, it has established itself as one of the premiere African music festivals. Yet, despite its success, it has never strayed from its initial goal of promoting the Amazigh (Berber) culture of the Souss Massa Drâa. The district council of Agadir under Massa Draâ initiated the Timitar Festival to act as a meeting between Amazigh artists and world musicians. Last year saw appearances by Moroccan artists Stati, Hindi Zahra, Aït Laati, Daoudia and Fatima Tihihit, as well as more contemporary alternative music from the group N3rdistan. International acts included Diana Haddad, Rabih Abou Khalil, Vieux Farka Touré, Bashar Khalife and the singing minister of culture of Cape Verde, Mario Lucio. The five-note scale of the Souss music pulls the audience in with riffs that range from trance-inducing beauty to pure funk. It is a delight, even for those who can not understand the Tashelhit language or Moroccan Darija. The festival's permanent theme is “signs and cultures” - and for this edition the audience can expect a healthy dose of both. SHARE THIS!
Following on from the public outrage over the National Telecommunications Regulatory Agency (ANRT) attempting to close down free VoIP calls on Skype, WhatsApp and Viber, the agency has set itself on another collision course with the public. The ANRT has ordered the Morocco's second biggest telecom provider to stop offering unlimited calls on its networks. This has many asking who is calling the shots within the ANRT A source within Meditel says the unlimited calls will stop in early June. This month Meditel has suspended its offer to a third of its customers during this month and will do the same for the rest of its subscribers during the next two months. What astounds the public and telco experts is that the directive of the ANRT has been implemented by Meditel to the detriment of thousands of customers who had signed contracts in good faith to receive unlimited calls to all the telco's networks. While no explanation was provided by Meditel on the reasons for its compliance to the request of the ANRT, experts believe that pressure was exerted in this direction by the operators competitors who sit on the board of the regulatory agency. If this is true then it is time to examine who sits on the ANRT board and resolve any conflicts of interest. It is interesting that another competitor, Maroc Telecom is now offering unlimited calls to fixed line phones through its MTBox Fibre network. The ANRT's attempt to stop VoIP calls has failed to stop free Internet calls as hundreds of thousands of Moroccans, here and overseas, found technological ways around the blockage. Maroc Telecom's optical fibre or "Fibre To The Home" has been rolled out and is now available in all major cities of Morocco. After a successful experimental phase in pilot districts in Casablanca and Rabat, Morocco Telecom now provides service in all major cities of the Kingdom. Two speeds are available: 50 and 100 Mbps. Customers have the choice between an optical fibre access alone or one integrated with MTBox. MTBox Fibre allows unlimited calls to national fixed lines as well as 5 or 10 hours of free calls to national mobiles. SHARE THIS!

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