An affordable option for independent travellers


Dar Mystere is a traditional Moroccan courtyard house, or dar, available for up to 6 people to rent exclusively sharing in 3 bedrooms.


From as little as €40 for two sharing per night (plus an additional €20 per extra person), guests have exclusive use of the house.


It is perfectly located for the first time visitor to the ancient medina of the former capital city of Morocco.


Dar Mystere is an affordable option for independent travellers who prefer privacy and value their own space. Single occupants, couples or small parties can experience the harmony, simplicity and beauty of Moroccan life 'behind closed doors' in the mysterious ancient medina of Fez.


We are now accepting booking for the Fez Festival of Sacred Music 2019 which runs from 14 - 22 June this year. There is more information on the festival here.


You can contact us for a personal quote or make a booking through our TripAdvisor page.

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Damon Arabsolgar in Concert: Piano and Voice. Wednesday, Dec. 12 at 7 PM. ALIF Riad, 6 Derb Drissi, Batha, Fez Medina Born from a Persian father and a German-Italian mother, Damon Arabsolgar plays with the extremes of East and West. After having toured Italy, Europe, Morocco, the Balkans and Russia he is currently touring throughout Europe and Morocco with his solo act with just a piano and a microphone on stage for a very intimate and raw concert. His songwriting floats in between life in mid-ocean ridges and surreal stories he encountered during his travels, while the singing follows the extreme dynamics of the music and passes from catchy falsetto to an intimate and baritone with his characteristically unplaceable accent that reveals a melting pot: some new, as-yet undiscovered territory. This concert, organized by the ALC-ALIF Music Club, is free and open to the general public. SHARE THIS!
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The last few days have been busy with a number of cultural events taking place, including contemporary dance and a new music group Left to right - Etienne Gruel, Frédéric Calmès, Faith Barker, and  Léo Fabre-Cartier,  Gouer Ouled Chaabi is quartet of musicians who have a strong affinity with Morocco and its music. It is unusual as the group members, Etienne Gruel, Frédéric Calmès, Faith Barker, and  Léo Fabre-Cartier, are all non-Moroccans! According to singer Faith Barker, Gouer Ouled Chaabi is a work in progress. "Fred, Leo, Etienne and I are musicians who love Moroccan music and live or have spent extended periods in Morocco. For this project we have worked together on original songs in Moroccan chaabi styles, including lyrics in darija. Some of the songs playfully talk about things we have come across while living in Morocco, eg the strange things that can happen while you travel in a grand taxi". Faith Barker in fine voice Saturday night's concert was the first time they had played together after a brief residence over the previous three days. But, as Faith explains, "Fred, Leo and Etienne have worked together on several storytelling shows and I’ve obviously done the same with Fred and Leo, as well as working with the Hamadcha together". The performance was a treat, with fine vocals, mesmeric percussion and fine work from Fred and Leo. There was certainly no indication that this was the group's first concert. One highlight was a song inspired by the Hamadcha Sufi Brotherhood which had the audience swaying along and applauding loudly. Maestro! Leo at work Gouer Ouled Chaabi plan to continue the project with further concerts and hopefully a recording in 2019, so, watch this space! Contemporary Dance Friday night's performance of the 11th edition of the International Festival of Expressive Dance at Complexe Culturel Al Hourria was a delightful mix of styles. In the first section, budding ballet dancers from the Ecole des Arts Classica performed a simple series of steps under the enthusiastic eye of their parents. When the smaller dancers left the stage, the street dancers of Studio X entered, to much applause. A duet between a classical ballet dancer and a hip hop dancer was the highlight, and an unexpected treat. The second section, with three accomplished contemporary dancers, was a more serious piece which explored perceptions of female identity. Choreographed by Aziz El Hakim of Babylon Cult Art Association, who is also one of the organisers of the Festival, it began with a dancer fighting to get out of a mosquito net. When she eventually succeeded, hair covered her face, and she moved across the stage like a wild creature - clearly representing the primal, primitive aspect of the female psyche. The second dancer was the extreme stereotype of sexualised femininity, strutting and rolling about the stage, smoking, in a tight red dress and ridiculously exaggerated high heels. Her personae and movements were confronting to some in the audience, who left during this section. The last dancer wore a long white robe, covered with what appeared to be soft toys. She came across as a girl/child, trapped within a garment that confined her movements. After changing into identical dark grey tops and lighter grey trousers, the women's movements became freer, and they explored group dynamics, with two dancers "attacking" the third. A transition followed, until they eventually all were dancing together, supporting one another. It was a considered, reflective piece which raised some pertinent points about stereotypes of femininity versus reality - surprising and pleasing to see it in a Moroccan context. For further information about Babylon Cult Art Association, CLICK HERE.  SHARE THIS!
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A total of 9.7 million tourists visited Morocco between January and October 2017, an increase of + 9% compared to the same period last year, says the Observatoire du tourisme The number of foreign tourists has increased by 14%, while the arrivals of Moroccans living abroad (MRE) have increased by 5%, says the Observatory of Tourism which has just published its statistics on the Moroccan tourism covering the first 10 months of 2017. This rise affected the main issuing markets, in particular Germany (14%), Holland (8%) and France (7%), according to the same source. As for emerging tourism markets for Morocco, they maintain their upward trend, with China recording a 203% increase, while Japan, South Korea, the United States and Brazil posted respective increases of 40%. %, 33%, 30% and 51%. The total nights spent in classified tourist accommodation establishments recorded a 15% increase during the first 10 months of 2017 (+ 19% for non-resident tourists and + 8% for residents). The two tourist hubs Marrakesh and Agadir alone generated 60% of total overnight stays at the end of May, the Observatory said, noting that these two cities experienced an increase of 18% and 12%, respectively. Other destinations also performed well, especially the cities of Fez and Tangier with respective increases of 37% and 26%. As for the occupancy rate until the end of October 2017, it reached 44%, up 4 points over the same period last year. In addition, revenues generated by tourism activity by non-residents in Morocco amounted to MAD 59.2 billion (MMDH) at the end of October 2017, compared with MAD 56.1 billion a year earlier, an increase of 5%. SHARE THIS!

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